Constitutional Medicine in the East
Lee Je-ma
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한의학 > 사상의학
328 Pages
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 The 『Dongui Suse Bowon』 is a book about Sasang Constitutional Medicine (SCM). It consists of two parts: basic theory and clinical studies. Lee Je-ma opens his basic theory by defining the environments that surround man and the body itself using a quarternary paradigm. This paradigm is an extension of the Confucian tradition in employing the number four.

 The terminology, which Lee Je-ma employs, is quite hard to understand as his philosophical ideas are of his own development based on neo-Confucianism (新儒學). Even widely experienced Oriental medical doctors and it hard to comprehend, which has resulted in many doctors exhibiting interest only in the clinical aspects. However, understanding his philosophical attitude is required prior to studying his Sasang Constitutional Medicine. 

 Additionally, a thorough understanding of the 『Shanghanlun 』 (傷寒論: “Treatise on Cold-induced Diseases”) written by Zhang Zhongjing (張仲景) is a prerequisite to understanding Lee Je-ma’s clinical studies. As a translator, I have tried to translate the terminology literally and avoided including my own interpretations, so as to allow the readers to understand Lee Je-ma’s original words. 

 This book also seeks to contribute to the advancement of medicine by providing readers with better readability of 『Dongui Suse Bowon』. 

 <동의수세보원>은 사상체질의학(SCM)의 설립자로 알려진 이제마 선생의 작품이다. 원본은 총 4권으로 2책으로 구성되어 있다. 그의 일생동안 몇몇 책이 출간되었고, 그의 두 제자가 사후 미발표 원고를 정리하였다. 이 책은 사상체질의학의 치료 이론을 체계적으로 확립하였으며, 기본 이론, 임상 방법 및 결과, 치료의 효과를 명확하게 기록하고 배치하였다. 
 인간은 개인의 체질에 따라 태양인, 소양인, 태음인, 소음인으로 분류되며, 모든 질병의 변화는 이 체질의 특성에 따라 다르다. 이 원칙은 누구에게나 인간 생리의 특성을 이해하고 치료를 적용할 수 있도록 명확하게 제시되었다. 따라서 <동의수세보원>은 다양한 의학분야에 종사하는 사람들뿐만 아니라, 이러한 종류의 철학을 공부하고 싶은 일반인들도 이용할 수 있는 대중적인 의학 도서이다.
 이제마(1837-1900) 선생은 죽기 전 "사상체질의학이 한 세기 후에는 전 세계에 영향력을 미칠 것"이라고 예언하였다. 100년이 지난 지금 <동의수세보원>은 영어로 번역되었으며, 그 예언의 주춧돌이 세워졌다.
 전통 의학 용어들이 영어로 표준화되어 있지 않기 때문에, 한의학 이론을 온전히 표현하는 작업 또한 번역 과정에 포함된다. 따라서 전통적인 의학 원문을 번역하는 것은 매우 어려운 일이다. 역자인 최승훈 교수는 대만 타이중(臺中) 중국의학대학에서 <동의수세보원>을 영어로 강의했던 경험을 토대로 번역 작업에 들어갔다.
 이번 개정판 <동의수세보원>은 이제마 박사의 꿈을 실현하는 데 한 걸음 더 다가갈 수 있는 좋은 기회가 될 것이다.

Professor Choi Seung-hoon 

Professor Choi Seung-hoon MD (KM), Ph.D., was born in Seoul, the Republic of Korea. 

Professor Choi graduated from Kyung Hee University Oriental Medical College and received his Ph.D. in the department of Oriental Medicine Pathology at the same school. He also completed the requirement for Korea University’s Chinese Philosophy Master Program. 

He served as a visiting professor as both Taiwan’s China Medical College (1989) and Taiwan’ s National Science Council (1990). Additionally, Professor Choi was invited to be a guest professor at Guang An Men Hospital’s cancer department in Beijing by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, P.R.C. (1993), and a visiting scholar at Stanford University Medical Center (2001). 

In August 2003, Professor Choi moved to the World Health Organization and worked as the Regional Adviser in the traditional medicine program, Western Pacic Regional Office for five years. He contributed to the standardization of traditional medicine. ‘World Health Organization International Standard Terminologies on Traditional Medicine in the Western Pacic Region (WHO-IST)’, led by him, later evolved into the ICD-11 Traditional Medicine Chapter. He organized 11 meetings for establishing the acupuncture points location standard which had been controversial among the countries for many centuries, and finally published ‘World Health Organization Standard Acupuncture Point Locations in the Western Pacic Region (WHO-APL)’. In addition, he strongly promoted the member countries such as China, Japan, and Korea to develop the traditional medicine clinical practice guidelines. 

Back to Kyung Hee University, he worked as Dean of the Oriental Medical College (2008) and founded the Global University Network of Traditional Medicine (GUNTM) and became the first President. 

In 2011, he was appointed to serve as the President of Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine (KIOM) for three years, and hosted the fifth International Congress of Complementary Medicine Research (ICCMR) in Jeju, Korea in 2015. 

In September 2014, he resigned from Kyung Hee University and moved to Dankook University for promoting the integrative medicine as a vice-president at Dankook University. 

In June 2018, he was appointed as the Board Chair of the National Development Institute of Korean Medicine (NIKOM) and also the Senior Adviser to the Association of Korean Medicine. 

In December 2020, he took the office of the President of International Society of Oriental Medicine (ISOM), which has the longest history in the eld of traditional medicine. 

Recently, he is working at the School of Medicine, Emory University as an adjunct professor, and completed ‘Pattern Identification and Prex_scription Expert for the ICD-11’ (PIPE-11), a digital clinical decision support system for traditional medicine.

“When the Taoism meets the Confucianism in Medicine” 

Translator’s Note 



Life Story of Lee Je-ma 


1. Discourse on Nature and Order  

2. Discourse on the Four Principles 

3. Discourse on the Establishment and Supplement  

4. Discourse on Viscera and Bowels 

5. Discourse on the Origin of Eastern Medicine  


1. Discourse on the Soeum (Lesser Yin) Person’s Exterior Febrile Disease Induced from the Kidney Aected by Heat 

2. Discourse on the Lesser Yin Person’s Interior Cold Disease Induced from the Stomach Aected by Cold 

3. General Remarks on the Lesser Yin Person 

3-1. Twenty ree Prex_scriptions for the Lesser Yin Person’s Disease from Zhang Zhongjing’s 『Shanghanlun』 

3-2. irteen Prex_scriptions and Six Other Prex_scriptions Containing Crotonis Fructus for the Lesser Yin Person’s Disease Mentioned in the Writings of Famous Doctors in the Song, Yuan and Ming Dynasties

3-3. Twenty Four Newly Created Prex_scriptions for the Lesser Yin Person’s Disease 


1. Discourse on the Soyang (Lesser Yang) Person’s Exterior Cold Disease Induced from the Spleen Aected by Cold 

2. Discourse on the Lesser Yang Person’s Interior Febrile Disease Induced from the Stomach Aected by Heat 

3. General Remarks on the Lesser Yang Person  

3-1. Ten Prex_scriptions for the Lesser Yang Person’s Disease from Zhang Zhongjing’s 『Shanghanlun』

3-2. Nine Prex_scriptions for the Lesser Yang Person’s Disease Mentioned in the Writings of Famous Doctors in the Yuan and Ming Dynasties 

3-3. Seventeen Newly Created Prex_scriptions for the Lesser Yang Person’s Disease 


1. Discourse on the Taieum (Greater Yin) Person’s Exterior Cold Disease Induced from the Epigastrium Aected by Cold  

2. Discourse on the Greater Yin Person’s Interior Febrile Disease Induced from the Liver Aected by Heat 

2-1. Four Prex_scriptions for the Greater Yin Person’s Disease from Zhang Zhongjing’s 『Shanghanlun』  

2-2. Nine Prex_scriptions for the Greater Yin Person’s Disease Mentioned in the Writings of Famous Doctors in the Tang, Song and Ming Dynasties 

2-3. Twenty Four Important Newly Formulated Prex_scriptions for the Greater Yin Person’s Disease


1. Discourse on the Taiyang (Greater Yang) Person’s Lumbar Vertebral Disease Induced by Exopathogen 

2. Discourse on the Greater Yang Person’s Small Intestine Disease Induced by Endopathogen

2-1. Ten Recommended Herbs for the Greater Yang Person’s Disease (Mentioned in the “Materia Medica”) Based on My Experiences, and Two Herbs Based on the Experiences of Li Chan and Gong Xin 

2-2. Two Newly Formulated Prex_scriptions Applicable to the Greater Yang Person’s Disease 


1. Discourse on General Health Maintenance 

2. Discourse on Identifying the Four Constitutions 

3. Epilogue 

Selected Bibliography 


Formulas by Constitutions 

Drugs by Constitutions 

Translator: Professor Choi Seung-hoon


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