Outbreak: Cases in Real-World Microbiology, 2nd Edition
Rodney P. Anderson
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304 Pages
2 Edition
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Outbreak: Cases in Real-World Microbiology, 2nd Edition, is the newest edition of this fascinating textbook designed for introductory microbiology students and instructors. Thoroughly revised, this collection of case studies of real-world disease outbreaks, generously illustrated in full color, offers material that directly impacts college-level students, while the book`s unique presentation offers instructors the flexibility to use it effectively in a number of ways.

More than 90 outbreak case studies, organized into six sections according to the human body system affected, illustrate the wide range of diseases caused by microbial pathogens. The studies are presented at differing levels of difficulty and can be taught at all undergraduate levels. Each case study includes questions for students to think about, discuss, and answer, and the book includes an appendix that directs students to the specific reference material on which each case was based, providing the opportunity to investigate further and to apply the reference content to the case being studied.

Each of the six sections of the book concludes with a College Perspective and a Global Perspective case study. The College Perspective provides a direct and practical link between the microbiology course and the daily lives of students. The Global Perspective connects students with outbreaks that have occurred in countries around the world to facilitate understanding of the social, religious, economic, and political values at play in the treatment and prevention of infectious disease. At the end of every section, detailed dex_scriptions offer concise yet complete information on each disease involved in that section.

Introduction xiii

About the Author xvii

Section I Outbreaks of Diseases of the Respiratory Tract 1

Outbreak I-1 A Legionellosis Outbreak—Barceloneta 4

Outbreak I-2 An Outbreak of Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection—Arviat, Canada 5

Outbreak I-3 A Tuberculosis Outbreak in a Prison Housing Inmates Infected with HIV—South Carolina 7

Outbreak I-4 An Otitis Media Outbreak in a Child Care Center—Georgia 9

Outbreak I-5 An Outbreak of a Rash—Venezuela and Colombia 11

Outbreak I-6 Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome Outbreak—Vermont 13

Outbreak I-7 A Diphtheria Outbreak—Newly Independent States of the Former Soviet Union 15

Outbreak I-8 An Outbreak of Mycoplasmal Pneumonia—Ohio 17

Outbreak I-9 A Pneumonia Outbreak in a Nursing Home—New Jersey 18

Outbreak I-10 Past and Future Pandemics of Influenza A—Worldwide, 1918 to Present 19

Outbreak I-11 A Pharyngitis Outbreak in the Marine Corps—San Diego 21

Outbreak I-12 A Measles Outbreak in Kosovar Refugee Children—Albania 23

Outbreak I-13 A Swimming Pool-Related Outbreak of Pharyngitis and Conjunctivitis—Spain 25

Outbreak I-14 A Cruise Ship-Associated Legionnaires’ Disease Outbreak 27

Outbreak I-15 A Pertussis Epidemic—Washington State 29

College Perspective

Outbreak I-16 A Mumps Outbreak on a University Campus—California 31

Global Perspective

Outbreak I-17 A Diphtheria Outbreak—Colombia 34

Reference Material 37

Section II Outbreaks of Disease of the Gastrointestinal Tract 51

Outbreak II-1 A Salmonella enterica serovar Enteritidis Outbreak from Eating Eggs—Multistate 54

Outbreak II-2 A Diarrhea Outbreak Associated with Swimming Pool Use—Ohio 56

Outbreak II-3 Diarrhea among Attendees of the Washington County Fair—New York 58

Outbreak II-4 An Amoebiasis Outbreak—Georgia 60

Outbreak II-5 A Typhoid Fever Outbreak Linked with a Frozen Fruit Drink—Florida 62

Outbreak II-6 A Diarrhea Outbreak in a Day Care Nursery—Juneau, Alaska 64

Outbreak II-7 A Foodborne Outbreak of Bloody Diarrhea—Multistate 66

Outbreak II-8 A Multistate Outbreak of Listeriosis—Northeastern United States 68

Outbreak II-9 An Outbreak of Rotaviral Gastroenteritis among Children—Jamaica 69

Outbreak II-10 Bloody Diarrhea Associated with Eating Ground Beef—United States 71

Outbreak II-11 A Hepatitis Outbreak Associated with Restaurant Onions—Pennsylvania 73

Outbreak II-12 A Rotavirus Outbreak among College Students—District of Columbia 75

Outbreak II-13 A Cholera Outbreak in a Refugee Camp—Democratic Republic of the Congo 77

Outbreak II-14 A Diarrhea Outbreak Associated with Raw Milk and Cheese Consumption—Pennsylvania 80

Outbreak II-15 A Listeriosis Outbreak Associated with Pasteurized Milk—Massachusetts 83

Outbreak II-16 An Outbreak Associated with Seasonal Consumption of Raw Ground Beef—Wisconsin 85

College Perspective

Outbreak II-17 A Diarrhea Outbreak Associated with an Adventure Race—Nevada 87

Global Perspective

Outbreak II-18 A Case-Control Study of an Outbreak of Clostridioides difficile at a Tertiary Care Medical Center—Amsterdam, The Netherlands 89

Reference Material 93

Section III Pathogens and Diseases That Are Transmitted Sexually 105

Outbreak III-1 An STD Outbreak among Teenagers—Georgia 107

Outbreak III-2 An STD Outbreak among Hispanic Men—California 109

Outbreak III-3 An Outbreak of HIV Disease in the Adult-Film Industry—California 111

Outbreak III-4 An Outbreak of Azithromycin-Resistant Gonorrhea—Kansas City 113

Outbreak III-5 Invasive Cervical Cancer among Women—United States 115

Outbreak III-6 A Proctitis Outbreak among Men Who Have Sex with Men—Netherlands 117

Outbreak III-7 A Syphilis Outbreak Connected to a Cybersex Chat Room—San Francisco 119

Outbreak III-8 STDs in Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom—Iraq 121

Outbreak III-9 Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 Infection among U.S. Military Service Members 123

College Perspective

Outbreak III-10 STD Risk Increased by Using the Internet To Find Casual Sexual Partners 125

Global Perspective

Outbreak III-11 Impact of AIDS Worsens Famine—Southern Africa 127

Reference Material 129

Section IV Outbreaks of Diseases of the Skin, Soft Tissues, and Eyes 139

Outbreak IV-1 An Outbreak of Pseudomonas Dermatitis from Hotel Pool and Hot Tubs—Colorado 141

Outbreak IV-2 An Outbreak of Skin Lesions in a Wrestling Team—Alaska 143

Outbreak IV-3 An Outbreak of Conjunctivitis at an Elementary School—Maine 144

Outbreak IV-4 A Measles Outbreak among Internationally Adopted Children—United States 146

Outbreak IV-5 An Outbreak of “Flesh-Eating Bacterium” Disease—Saint John, Brunswick, Canada 148

Outbreak IV-6 An Outbreak of Invasive Group A Streptococcus at a Child Care Center—Boston 150

Outbreak IV-7 An Outbreak of a Rash at a Camp for HIV-Infected Children—Connecticut 152

Outbreak IV-8 A Rubella Outbreak—Arkansas 153

Outbreak IV-9 An Outbreak of Invasive Disease Associated with Varicella in a Child Care Center—Boston 155

Outbreak IV-10 An Outbreak of Boils Associated with Footbaths at a Nail Salon—California 157

Outbreak IV-11 An Outbreak of Boils Associated with Steam Bathing, Alaska 159

Outbreak IV-12 A Skin Infection Outbreak at a Local School—Houston, Texas 161

Outbreak IV-13 An Outbreak of MRSA at Surgical Sites—Paris 163

Outbreak IV-14 An Outbreak of Necrotizing Fasciitis and Cellulitis Associated with Vein Sclerotherapy—Australia 165

College Perspective

Outbreak IV-15 Skin Infections among Tattoo Recipients—Ohio 167

Global Perspective

Outbreak IV-16 A Gas Gangrene Outbreak after a Tsunami—Papua New Guinea 170

Reference Material 171

Section V Outbreaks of Diseases of the Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems 181

Outbreak V-1 An Outbreak of Typhus—Burundi 183

Outbreak V-2 An Outbreak of Cyclic Fevers—India 185

Outbreak V-3 An Outbreak of Mononucleosis—Puerto Rico 186

Outbreak V-4 Fever in a Traveler Returning from Venezuela—California 187

Outbreak V-5 Cases of Rash and Fever, One Fatal, in a Family Cluster—Kentucky 189

Outbreak V-6 An Outbreak of Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever—Uganda 191

Outbreak V-7 An Outbreak of Leptospirosis during Eco-Challenge—Malaysia 193

Outbreak V-8 A Dengue Fever Outbreak—Puerto Rico 194

Outbreak V-9 A Disease Outbreak Associated with International Travel—Chicago 196

Outbreak V-10 Pseudomonas Bloodstream Infections Associated with a Heparin-Saline Flush—Missouri 199

Outbreak V-11 A Brucellosis Outbreak Due to Unpasteurized Raw Goat Cheese—Andalusia, Spain 201

Outbreak V-12 An Acute Respiratory Illness Associated with Dried Animal Hides—New York City 203

Outbreak V-13 A Plague Outbreak—India 205

Outbreak V-14 A Hepatitis Outbreak from a Pain Clinic—Oklahoma 207

Outbreak V-15 An Outbreak of Staphylococcus aureus with Increased Vancomycin Resistance—Illinois 209

College Perspective

Outbreak V-16 An Outbreak of Lyme Disease—United States 211

Global Perspective

Outbreak V-17 The Zika Virus Spreads from Uganda to the United States 213

Reference Material 217

Section VI Outbreaks of Diseases of the Nervous System 231

Outbreak VI-1 An Outbreak of Acute Flaccid Paralysis—Cape Verde 232

Outbreak VI-2 An Outbreak of Paralysis from Eating Fermented Beaver Tails—Alaska 233

Outbreak VI-3 Rabies Infections from Organ Donor Tissues—Multistate 235

Outbreak VI-4 A Tetanus Outbreak—Puerto Rico 237

Outbreak VI-5 An Outbreak of Aseptic Meningitis among Recreational Vehicle Campers—Connecticut 239

Outbreak VI-6 A Mad Cow Disease Outbreak in Humans and Cattle—United States, Canada, Europe, and Japan 241

Outbreak VI-7 Foodborne Paralysis from Eating Home-Pickled Eggs—Illinois 243

Outbreak VI-8 An Outbreak of Encephalitis—New York 245

Outbreak VI-9 An Outbreak of Haemophilus influenzae Type b Meningitis—Alaska 247

Outbreak VI-10 An Outbreak of Foodborne Botulism from Home-Prepared Fermented Tofu—California 249

Outbreak VI-11 Meningitis among Travelers Returning from Saudi Arabia—United States 251

College Perspective

Outbreak VI-12 Meningitis Outbreaks Traced to Raves and Clubs—Michigan and Argentina 253

Global Perspective

Outbreak VI-13 An Outbreak of Pneumococcal Meningitis—Central African Republic 255

Reference Material 257

Appendix Selected Sources 265

Index 27


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