Clinical Cases in Pediatric Dentistry, 2nd Edition
Amr M. Moursi
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424 Pages
2 Edition
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Maintaining the original popular format enjoyed by so many readers, this Second Edition features comprehensive updates to all 66 cases to include the latest diagnostic and treatment techniques.  Each chapter also includes brand-new cases, for a total of 13 entirely new cases.  The most current references to the literature, best practices, and evidence based clinical guidelines, plus new and updated self‐assessment questions with detailed answers and explanations, have been added to all the cases. 

This second edition maintains the same aim of presenting actual clinical cases to question and educate the reader on pediatric dentistry, using a clear, concise, and consistent format to offer a case history, diagnostics and treatment plans for each case.   Clinical Cases in Pediatric Dentistry, Second Edition is based on the most current evidence, with standards of care and policies as adopted by relevant associations and societies.  This important resource: 

  • Presents updated content, clinical guidelines, and references in existing cases, with thirteen brand new case scenarios
  • Takes an easy-to-follow format, with patient history and diagnostics, questions, and answers, and explanations for each case
  • Part of the "Clinical Cases" series applying both theory and practice to actual clinical cases
  • Includes access to a companion website featuring additional case studies, charts, tables, web links, and the figures from the book in PowerPoint

Presenting real-world cases that encompass all-important areas of pediatric dentistry, Clinical Cases in Pediatric Dentistry, Second Edition is an essential resource for pre-doctoral dental students, post-graduate residents, and pediatric dentists preparing for board examinations and recertification. It’s also an excellent guide for students and faculty in pediatric dentistry departments, as well as practicing pediatric dentists and family dentists. 

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Chapter 1 Early Childhood Oral Health 1
Homa Amini

Case 1 Perinatal Oral Pathology 2
Homa Amini

Case 2 First Dental Visit, Healthy Child 7
Homa Amini

Case 3 First Dental Visit, Medically Compromised Child 11
Homa Amini

Case 4 Early Childhood Caries Managed with Silver Diamine Fluoride 15
Homa Amini and James R. Boynton

Case 5 Early Childhood Caries Managed with Interim Therapeutic Restorations 19
Homa Amini

Case 6 Early Childhood Caries Managed with General Anesthesia 23
Homa Amini

Chapter 2 Restorative Dentistry 29
Kevin J. Donly

Case 1 Resin Restoration of Incipient Decay (Primary or Permanent Molar) 30
Lina M. Cárdenas

Case 2 Class II Glass Ionomer 37
Kevin J. Donly

Case 3 Class II Resin Restoration 43
Kevin J. Donly

Case 4 Class V Glass Ionomer Restoration 49
Kevin J. Donly

Case 5 Class V Resin Restoration 55
Kevin J. Donly

Case 6 Class IV Resin 61
Kevin J. Donly

Case 7 Strip Crowns 67
Kevin J. Donly

Case 8 Anterior and Posterior Zirconia Crowns 71
Jungyi Alexis Liu, Kevin J. Donly, and Claudia I. Contreras

Chapter 3 Complex Pulp Therapy 77
Anna B. Fuks

Case 1 Selective Caries Removal (Indirect Pulp Treatment) 78
Anna B. Fuks, Luna Matar Khoury, Qamar Saadi, and Evelyn Mamber

Case 2 Partial Pulpotomy in Traumatized Primary Incisors 85
Diana Ram and Anna B. Fuks

Case 3 Cervical Pulpotomy in Cariously Exposed Primary Molars 91
Moti Moskovitz and Anna B. Fuks

Case 4 Root Canal Treatment in a Primary Molar 97
Moti Moskovitz

Case 5 Partial Pulpotomy in a Cariously Exposed Young Permanent Molar 103
Moti Moskovitz and Anna B. Fuks

Case 6 Pulpotomy with Mineral Trioxide Aggregate in an Immature Permanent Molar 109
Anna B. Fuks

Case 7 Root End Closure – Apexification with Calcium Hydroxide 115
Iris Slutzky-Goldberg

Case 8 Root End Closure with Mineral Trioxide Aggregate 121
Iris Slutzky-Goldberg

Case 9 Revascularization of Necrotic Immature Permanent Tooth with Apical Periodontitis 127
Eyal Nuni

Chapter 4 Orofacial Trauma 133
S. Thikkurissy and Jennifer Cully

Case 1 Intrusion Injury to Primary Dentition 134
S. Thikkurissy and Dennis J. McTigue

Case 2 Root Fracture in the Primary Dentition 139
S. Thikkurissy and Dennis J. McTigue

Case 3 Complicated Crown Fracture, Permanent Tooth 143
Dennis J. McTigue and S. Thikkurissy

Case 4 Dentoalveolar Luxation Injury to Permanent Dentition 149
S. Thikkurissy and Dennis J. McTigue

Case 5 Permanent Tooth Root Fracture and Extrusive Luxation 155
Dennis J. McTigue and S. Thikkurissy

Case 6 Permanent Incisor Intrusion 161
Dennis J. McTigue and S. Thikkurissy

Case 7 Permanent Tooth Avulsion 167
Dennis J. McTigue and S. Thikkurissy

Case 8 Soft Tissue Injury Management 173
S. Thikkurissy and Dennis J. McTigue

Appendix Flowcharts 177

Chapter 5 Oral Medicine and Orofacial Pathology 183
Denise A. Trochesset

Case 1 Eruption Cysts in a Newborn, Natal/Neonatal Teeth 184
Angus C. Cameron

Case 2 Primary Herpetic Gingivostomatitis 189
Angus C. Cameron

Case 3 Mucocele 195
Denise A. Trochesset

Case 4 Candidiasis 199
Denise A. Trochesset

Case 5 Celiac Disease 205
Denise A. Trochesset

Case 6 Acute Odontogenic Infection 209
Angus C. Cameron

Case 7 Amelogenesis Imperfecta 215
Sam Gue

Chapter 6 Behavior Guidance and Medical Emergencies 221
Michael D. Webb and Amr M. Moursi

Case 1 Nonpharmacological Behavior Guidance 222
Michael D. Webb and Amr M. Moursi

Case 2 Intraoperative Pain Management 227
Michael D. Webb and Amr M. Moursi

Case 3 Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Sedation 231
Dena Sapanaro and Ron Kosinski

Case 4 Pharmacological Behavior Guidance 237
Michael D. Webb and Amr M. Moursi

Case 5 Airway Management 243
Michael D. Webb and Amr M. Moursi

Case 6 Allergic Reactions 249
Michael D. Webb and Amr M. Moursi

Case 7 General Anesthesia 255
Michael D. Webb and Amr M. Moursi

Chapter 7 Growth and Development 259
Jeffrey A. Dean

Case 1 Orthodontic Documentation, Evaluation, and Assessment 260
Jeffrey A. Dean

Case 2 Space Management: Premature Loss of Primary Second Molar in Preschool Child 265
Jeffrey A. Dean

Case 3 Bilateral Space Management in the Mixed Dentition 269
Jeffrey A. Dean

Case 4 Interceptive Orthodontics: Habit Appliances 275
Jeffrey A. Dean

Case 5 Interceptive Orthodontics: Anterior Crossbite in a Child in the Mixed Dentition 279
Jeffrey A. Dean

Case 6 Infant with Cleft Lip and Palate 285
LaQuia A. Vinson

Case 7 Orthodontics for Patient with Cleft Lip and Palate 293
Tasha E. Hall

Chapter 8 Medically Compromised Patients 299
Paddy Fleming

Case 1 Congenital Heart Disease 300
Kerrod B. Hallett

Case 2 Cystic Fibrosis 307
Richard Balmer

Case 3 Hemophilia A 313
Barbara Sheller

Case 4 Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia 319
Kerrod B. Hallett

Case 5 Liver Transplant 327
Paddy Fleming

Case 6 Type 1 Diabetes 333
Kirsten FitzGerald

Case 7 Asthma 339
Eleanor McGovern

Case 8 Crohn’s Disease 347
Paddy Fleming

Chapter 9 Patients with Disabilities 353
Nancy Dougherty

Case 1 Down Syndrome (Trisomy 21) 354
Nancy Dougherty, Farah Alam, and Sheena Nandi

Case 2 Cerebral Palsy, Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia 359
Nancy Dougherty and Farah Alam

Case 3 Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder 365
Nancy Dougherty

Case 4 Seizure Disorder, Intellectual Disability 371
Nancy Dougherty and Farah Alam

Case 5 Autism Spectrum Disorder 377
Nancy Dougherty

Case 6 Sickle Cell Anemia, Intellectual Disability 383
Nancy Dougherty and Sheena Nandi

Index 389


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